Land Area: 43,970.00 hectares
Distance from Bacolod: 129.9 kilometers
Classification: 1st Class
No. of Barangays: 40 Barangays
Population: 78,452 (Year 2007)
92,146 (Year 2009)
Language: Cebuano
English is spoken & understood

Points of Interest

Wildlife Monkey Sanctuary & Eco-Park
Lat-ason Falls
Nalundan Underground Creek
Mahilum Cave
Cassandra Beach Resort
Loly Beach
Palau Beach Resort
Tala Beach
Ralph’s Bay Town House and Resort
Villa Camara
Eljoy Beach
La Maring’s Beach
Municipal Guest House


Lilas Pandan Festival – celebrated every June 29 during the Annual celebration of the town’s fiesta in honor of Patron Saints Peter and Paul.

Kasadyahan sa Pasko – is a real expression of the various feelings, culture, beliefs and philosophies of life. These also feature people’s ways of living, dreams and aspirations. Calatravanons can truly convey the essence of Christmas Season by way of dancing on the streets, actual visitations on various homes, song offerings and re-enactment on the birth of the Child Jesus.


Sunday (Brgy. Poblacion)


Calatrava is a three-hour drive from Bacolod City by public utility vehicles and approximately two-and-a-half hours through private car. Aircon and non-aircon buses plying the northern Negros route pass by this area.


Century-old Roman Catholic Church

Century-old Roman Catholic Church of Calatrava was built in year 1880. Situated in the town proper, it is the center of worship for all catholic devotees.

Monkey Sanctuary

Wildlife Monkey Sanctuary & Eco-Park Wild yet friendly monkeys dwell in the paradise-like wildlife sanctuary communing with the beauty of nature. These monkeys are people-friendly but very territorial in nature. They thrived on the food and brought water by visitors and tourists.

Lat-ason Falls

Lat-ason Falls

Lat-ason Falls Nature offers the radiance of cool waters cascading from falls traversing through rivers of cobbled stones.

Nalundan Underground Creek

Nalundan Underground Creek

Nalundan Underground Creek The falling crystal-like waters from Lat-ason Falls find its way to
the depth interiors of Nalundan Underground Creek lying underneath.

Cassandra Beach offers uniqueness in ways of convenience, comfort and security. This is the soothing place for you to swim and relax in comfort and privacy.

Palau Beach Resort offers overnight accommodations. It has a restaurant and accessible any time of the day. Stay for a night one weekend with your loved ones breathing in gentle wind along the shore of Palau.

Cassandra Beach Resort – A home away from home…a soothing place for you to swim and relax in comfort and privacy.

Offers uniqueness in ways of convenience, comfortability and security. For those that appreciate quality relaxation, Cassandra’s the right hang out for you!

Loly Beach-Unless you will not decide to drop by, you won’t be able to appreciate the coolness of the summer waters at Loly’s, so electrifying.. it’s one of a kind.


Amirose B. Lavilla
Municipal Tourism Officer
Phone: (34) 727-7606
Fax: (34) 727-7801
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