HANAO – HANAO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (Bago City) Community members were trained on patadyong weaving using the handloom and pottery‐making as an alternative source of income during the milling season.

SERICULTURE OR SILKWORM CULTURE (Bago City) is an emerging industry that holds great potential for both domestic and international market in producing thousands of metric tons of silk yarn. It is produced at the OISCA – Bago Training Center located in a sprawling 26-hectare farmland in Brgy. Tabunan.

Iron Dinosaur of Central

STEAM ENGINE (Iron Dinosaurs) Known among locomotive enthusiasts as the “Steam Paradise of the Philippines”. Seven of the fifteen sugar centrals in the province maintain these machines in good working condition. Each milling season, one may occasionally encounter one of these “dragons” creeping along the cane fields like a mechanical caterpillar dragging along a host of cane field cars.

WAR MEMORIAL TOURS Visit memorial shrines, places of significant events, and other war related activities commemorating World War II.