ALINSAYAWAN FALLS (San Carlos City) is approximately 45 minutes away from the city proper, ideal for nature lovers and local tourists.

BAGACAY FALLS AND ASAW ASAW FALLS (Brgy. Mailum, Bago City) are located at a place accessible only by foot; it is an ideal retreat for nature lovers.

BAGACAY CAVE (Calatrava) is about 8 kilometers from the town proper. Mat weaving inside this cave has been a source of living of the residents.

BUSAC-BUSAC SPRING (Brgy. Tinampa-an, Cadiz City) is the main source of potable water in the city. Spouting out of the toe of the hill and adorned by surrounding boulders that transform it into an epitome of natural beauty and environmental attraction.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching in Pulupandan The Water Birds of Pulupandan, Negros Occidental located in Sitio Cavan, Brgy. Tapong, Pulupandan were surveyed from August to September 2009 and February to April 2010. A total of 46 species were known, including the globally threatened species (Vulnerable), the Philippine duck Anas Luzonica. The Northern Pintail, Anas Acuta, an uncommon migrant previously known from Luzon, the Javan Pond Heron, Ardeola Speciosa, a resident from Mindanao, are new records for Negros. Notations were made as to qualification of the area as a wetland of international importance under the criteria of the Ramsar Convention.

Carbin Reef

CARBIN REEF (Sagay City) is a marine sanctuary with its huge, tongue-shaped, creamy white sandbar, and its clear water offers the freshest option for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, picnic, boating, or just frolicking in the sand.

CHOCO HILLS (Brgy. Prosperidad, San Carlos City) is visible from the Negros Trans link Ecotourism Highway.

CODCOD RICE TERRACES (Brgy. Codcod, San Carlos City) is visible from the Negros Trans link Ecotourism highway.

Dalinson Falls

DALISUN FALLS (Toboso) is a magnificent waterfall found at Sitio Vergara in Brgy. Bug-ang, cascades from a height of 250 feet. Treasures believed to be that of the Japanese were reportedly found at the top of the falls.

Danjugan Island

DANJUGAN ISLAND (Cauayan) is 177.5 kms. from Bacolod City; 3 hectare reserve marine sanctuary; a virtual marine paradise to lovers of the underwater world.

HAGDANAN CAVE (Kabankalan City) Named so because of the natural formation of stairs made of stone inside the cave leading to the water under it.

ISLA PUTI (Escalante City) is 101 kms. from Bacolod City; immense sand bar islet jutting out of the sea and measuring about 2 hectares in area.

Kampanoy Cave

KAMPANOY CAVE (Toboso) is found at Brgy. Luna, some five kilometers from the town proper. Its spacious interior resembles a large dome cathedral.

KEVIN’S REEF (Toboso) is found at the off shore area of the seaside town of Toboso in the eastern side of Negros Island. It has an area of about 80 hectares submerged to about two fathoms deep and can be reached in 10 minutes by motorized boat.

KIPOT TWIN FALLS (Brgy. Mailum, Bago City) is a big stream separated by a sharp overhang that splits the water into two seemingly identical cascades.

Kipot Falls, Bago City

Kipot Falls, Bago City

MACAHULOM REEF (Sagay City) is a beautiful sight with its migratory birds flocking to its shore during certain months. Its crystalline waters and pure sea breeze make boat cruise in the area a soulful experience.

MAINIT HOT SPRING (Toboso) is found in brgy. San Isidro, about 12 kilometers from the town proper.

Mambukal Resort

MAMBUKAL MOUNTAIN RESORT (Murcia) is 30 kms. from Bacolod City ; gateway to the Mt. Kanlaon National Park; built as a spa in 1927; situated at an altitude of roughly 2,000 ft. above sea level on the north-western foot of Mt. Kanlaon.

Molocaboc Island

MOLOCABOC ISLAND (Sagay City) is home to fisher folk where big jars, mangrove reforestation, and miracle hole “amatong” fishing is found.

MONKEY SANCTUARY (Sitio Palinpon, Brgy. Pagumayon, Calatrava) is home to hundreds of wild monkeys. These monkeys are people-friendly but very territorial in nature. They thrive on the food brought by visitors.

Monkey Sanctuary

MT. KANLAON (Natural Park) is one of the mountains found in the north-central portion of the island of Negros. It is the highest peak in Central Philippines, the most dominant and attractive feature of which is the active summit crater of a volcano.

Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park

PANAL REEF (Sagay City) is another marine sanctuary which offers the best snorkeling area for tourists to enjoy the colorful corals and marine life.

Patag, Silay

Patag, Silay

PATAG VALLEY TREKKING (Silay City) is 45 kms. from Bacolod City; located 400 meters above sea level between the highlands of Mt. Silay and Mt. Marapara; home of the Philippines spotted deer; highlight of the visit is a skyline ride.

PATING CAVE (Kabankalan City) highest cave found in the eastern part of Bgy.Magballo.

OBONG CAVE (Hinobaan) is where the late Major Jesus Villamor, hero of World War II landed bringing firearms for the Philippine guerillas aboard the US Navy Submarine Gidgeon in 1942, establishing the first radio contact with General Douglas Mc Arthur based in Australia at that time.

SIT-AN CAVE (Candoni) is a natural marvel that extends about 150m from its entrance to its hindmost part which resembles a church-like cavern with cool natural pool that has overflowing water ranging from knee-high to waistline depth that forms an underground stream running along columns of stalactites that hung like a pendant from its roof.

Obong Caves

SITIO GUINTUBDAN NATURE CAMP (La Carlota City) is 36 kms. from Bacolod City; a destination for nature enthusiasts; at the western foot of Mt. Kanlaon at an elevation of 700 meters above the plains of the sugarland.

TAMLANG CAVE (Brgy. Tamlang, Escalante City) was used to be the hideout and headquarters of guerilla forces from the north during the World War.