Message from the Governor - Province of Negros Occidental

Negros Occidental has been popularly known as “Sugarland” for producing almost 60 percent of our country’s sugar supply. However, there is more to Negros Occidental than just sugar – from the flashing smiles, the lilting singsong dialect, the opulent heritage, world famous arts and crafts, interesting churches, sparkling white beaches, mountain resorts and many more.

All these and more makes the province one of the prime destinations of both local and international tourists. It is fast earning its niche as one of the most sought after convention centers, offering its guests, comfort and convenience found in a bustling city, at the same time, the beauty of its surrounding mountains and white sand beaches just an hour or so away.

Negros Occidental is a fascinating place to choose when one wants to get away from the hectic life in the metropolis. And with the inexpensive accommodations and food, the primitive beauty of the forests and the white beaches just a stone’s throw away from the luxury of modern facilities, a visit will definitely leave a deep impression and would want one to come back for more and discover this paradise.

We hope that you too would come and discover that there is indeed more to Negros Occidental than just sugar.

Hon. Alfredo G. Marañon, Jr.
Province of Negros Occidental