Carbin Reef, Panal, Maca, Suyac and Molocaboc at the Sagay Marine Reserve

Sagay’s Marine Reserve has an expanse of 32,000 hectares where the following islands are found: Carbin Reef, Panal, Maca, Suyac and the fringing reefs of Molocaboc Islands. It is now recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most successful marine conservation programs in the Philippines and has won the prestigious Gawad Galing Pook in 1997.

Carbin Reef, a unique, tongue-shaped sand bar with clear blue water, is the center of the 32,000-hectare Sagay Marine Reserve. The sanctuary offers exciting marine adventures and, most importantly, shares much-needed lessons for environment protection.

The reserve has 500 hectares of mangroves (100 hectares reforested), 33 species of true mangroves with 10 mangrove-associate species, 10 species of sea grass in around 3,000 hectares of sea grass beds, 78 species of Macro Benthic Algae, 60 Genera of hard, black & soft corals, 5 species of Giant Clams, more than 250 species of Reef & Pelagic fishes, 4 species of Marine Turtles and 5 species of endangered Dugong (sea cow). Giant Fruit Bats may be found in the mangrove areas.


Contact Details:

Sagay Tourism Office – (034) 488-0649/ 0915 666 6181
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Festival to Watch:

Sinigayan Festival, 17-19 March